What we Play

Take country, blues, rock & roll, rock-a-billy, swing, soul, classic rock, and whatever else sounds good and throw 'em all in the pot. Mix 'em up. Call it American Roots music, done The American Music Company Band way.

You won't hear any bubble gum from this band!

Because we Could

In the spring of 2004, the band had the opportunity to record a few of our favorite tunes at a studio outside of York, PA. Good friend Bobby Gentilo of Radio Caroline engineered the live session for us. Take a listen to the tracks. Hope you like 'em!

Let it Roll

Back in June of 2002, Bobby Gentilo captured the band on DAT during a gig. Whew! Glad this one didn't get away!


Some live recordings of the band captured by our friends and fans. Full songs.

Memory Lane

In a small Washington, D.C. recording studio way back in 1960, The Offbeats recorded a now-extremely-rare 45. Who would have thought back then that the band's lineage would still be playing today?!?

The members of the band on these recordings are John Broaddus (sax), Ernie Gorospe (bass), Jerry Wallmark (drums), Dick Heintze (B3, piano), Danny Gatton (guitar), and Ronnie MacDonald (vocal).